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Saturday, June 24, 2006


I stink at waiting. And yet here I sit waiting to hear back from my sons mom, after three weeks, for a response to my email. His mom sends me forwarded emails every couple of weeks and was the one to initiate direct contact with me. I sent a "hi" email to see how their move went, if they had heard from their oldest son who just enlisted in the Marine Corp, and how Bret's transition home from college went.

A little background:

From what I understand my son enjoyed reading my letters and seeing the pictures that the agency forwarded to them, but he is not ready to contact me directly. At first I was disappointed because I thought it was something I said, I expressed that fear to his mom and she assured me that he is just in a really difficult place right now. Just completed his first year of college and decided it's not for him, wants to move back home and work in construction.

I chuckled at that privately because we own a construction business. He loves to work with his hands and enjoys taking life at a slower pace. He once got a ticket for driving to slow and when his parents asked him about it he replied that he was enjoying the

I do that and it drives DH crazy!

My son suffered a very bad head injury when he was 15. An ATV flipped over on top of him and the extent of his head injury was so bad no one expected him to pull through it. Coincidentally, at the time this happened i had begun to feel a strong pull toward finding him. I started looking online and really wanted to connect with other people who placed through the agency I placed with. So TLCAA (Tender Loving Care Adoption Agency Search & REunion) was born that year, two months after his accident.

I remember praying for God to just keep Bret in the palm of His hand, and that prayer was certainly answered. He recovered after many months of therapy and only has a slight gate. His short term memory was damaged so taking tests became difficult for him. I have a feeling that it also affected him emotionally, at least what his mom has shared with me leads me to think that.

I imagine that learning about his bfamily has created all kinds of confusing emotions which can only add to the stress of his day to day life. I imagine also that it takes a toll on his mom and dad trying to be supportive of him, trying to maintain that boundary line on his behalf.

Soooooooooo I wait. I wait for the response to the email that said "hi", no deep questions were asked, no deep emotions imparted by me............just a hi how are you?

I hope to hear from her son, until then guess what I get to do?'s all good..............:-)


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