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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's harder to be an adoptee

So I'm writing this post 8 months later than the previous post. I posted today on SoA that being an adoptee was harder than being a birth mother. I had completely forgotten about my previous blog post until someone PM'd me asking about it.

It is very Sybilish of me isn't it?

The best explanation I have for how I feel is that recently I've made peace with my position as a birth mother. I gained a level of acceptance that I didn't have before. On the flip side, I have been paying more attention to my own issues as an adoptee. Everything I read about adoption, I read with the eyes of an adoptee. On forums people read what I write and look at me as a birth mother. My status as an adoptee is ignored. Maybe because I've ignored it myself for to long.

I dunno........both sides suck........each in their own way.