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Saturday, July 15, 2006


That's how I feel today. Trying to kick this cold and take care of the kids and function on 3 hours sleep a night. It's wearing on me to say the least.

So I make a comment on a thread today that pisses someone off. Whatever, I'm really tired of defending every little thing I say on boards. No matter what I say someone somewhere will feel the need to prove me wrong, take offense at what I say, or use information about my personal life to draw me out. Well I'm not going to bite on that one.

Yes I feel that there is a "group" of adoptive parents and a "group" of adoptees that have it in for bmothers. You try and hide it well but your contempt seeps through your posts. You hold up the "examples" form your personal life as "proof" that your point of view is right and others are wrong. What I find kinda funny is that you assume those people in your life are being honest with you.

You would be amazed at what people think in their minds but dare not speak to others for fear of being judged or rejected. So the bmom of your kid feels.............. Well how do you know that? She has told you? Well if she told you what really went through her mind sometimes wouldn't that scare you off? How many times have you kept what you REALLY thought to yourself for fear of alienating someone else?

It's all relative isn't it?


Blogger Joy said...

God, Heather, I hope I don't seem like one of those adoptees that have it out for bmoms

I don't know who this would be honestly, if I have been offensive I am truly sorry.


10:27 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

No Joy you are most definately not one of them. (((((HUGS)))))))

10:33 PM  

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