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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Done with SOA

I've spent many years working on the issues surrounding my childhood. I encountered today something that I find so vile and repulsive that I'm physically shaking and feel like vomiting.

Supporting a person who would use vile images of children to make a point, to prove himself right is just beyond wrong to me. Doing it in spite of adults who were once said abused children saying how much his words were hurtful, OMG beyond wrong.

So to anyone from there that reads my blog, I'm done with SoA. I will not have part of any place that has people like that on it. How can anyone think that's o.k.? And this person had scores of supporters and the abused children were attacking him? OMG how fucked up is that?

My adoption journey is done. I've met my bfamily, I've met my son. Time to move on and enjoy the beautiful life I have today.


Blogger Joy said...


I am sending you tons of love, I know, not about the same thing, but I know

People just don't get how personal it is for people who have actually experienced it.

Fuck I am sorry.

I am so fucking sorry.

I hope you will still be my blogging friend.

I am so sorry.

So sad, I am emotional.

Fuck again fuck, I wish you would stay, I have learned so much from you, but no way in hell do I wish you to be hurt, that is more important.

You really have changed me in ways that I am not ready to share right now, have tons of love for you.

I know that may sound weird, but I think I experience love differently than most people, it is not so personal with me, more universal, so don't be scared by my love.


pissed off and fuck.

11:12 PM  

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