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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Compassion or lack thereof

It's a dying breed that will have compassion for a person in need without judging them for having that need. Whatever your politics/beliefs are there should be a core understanding that when someone says they are hurting that we will stop and offer that person help.

The other day a dear friend of mine told me how she saw an accident on the freeway where a guy on a motorcycle got clipped in the back tire by a woman who didn't stop. I sent him spinning out of control and he crashed right in front of my friend. She stopeed to help him and she said she was so amazed that there were cars whizzing past this guys head just inches away from him. Only one other person stopped to help this man lying in the middle of the interstate and luckily he had a tow truck where he could block two lanes off to protect this guy until help arrived.

It's very apparant to me who the speeders on SoA are. They drive by the injured without a care in the world and when someone does try and point that out they claim justification "Well the guy shouldn't have been riding a motorcycle in the first place".

How can anyone say that kind of thinking is healthy or right for the betterment of mankind?


Blogger Kate said...

I am sorry to see you leave SofA! I do understand why and support you 100%!!! What I can't understand is why or how anyone could support what he did!


2:08 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Thank you Kate, I'm lurking in the background for a while. Too many dear friends like you have reached out in support and I can't leave completely.

I'm ThePickle now.........:-)

When I read that your son saw those pictures and the affect it had on him, my heart just breaks for him!!! You are a great mom!!!!


4:28 PM  

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